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What Type of Social Security Disability Benefit Do You Qualify For?


The most common type of Social Security Disability income is Social Security Disability Insurance (or SSDI). Typically, this is the most common Social Security Disability that people are referring to when discussing benefits. It is also called Title II because it is codified under Title II of the Social Security Act. To qualify for SSDI, you have to have earned sufficient work credits as outlined by SSA, paid into the Social Security system sufficiently enough, and be disabled as defined by Social Security.

Social Security

The other type of Disability income from Social Security is SSI, or Supplemental Security Income. It is codified under Title 16 of the Social Security Act. You also have to meet the definition of disabled as SSA defines it, but SSI does not require contributions made to the Social Security system. SSI is designed for people who are older, blind, or disabled, and have little or no income. SSI provides money for basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter.

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