Social Security Disability

If you need to apply for social security disability or SSI benefits, or if you have already applied and have been denied, you can call my office directly at (800) 580-7432 for a free consultation or case review.

The Law Office of David Pinyerd has helped many others through the process to successfully receive the social security disability benefits they deserved. Statistics show that most initial applications are denied, so do not give up if your initial application was denied.

Don’t delay….your time to appeal is limited.

The application process can be complicated and seem overwhelming. It is my goal to simplify the process for my clients and work hard as their representative.
My office only gets paid if you are successful in getting social security benefits.
Don’t get lost in the shuffle of a large law firm where your file is just a number and your case is placed on the back burner until your hearing. I take pride in providing the representation you deserve.

As a professional social security disability attorney, I have helped others get the benefits they deserved. Contact me directly at (800) 580-7432 for a free consultation.