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Long-Term Disability Insurance

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Long-term disability insurance covers a significant portion of your paycheck if you become unable to work for an extended period of time. These policies can provide peace of mind and financial security if you suffer an unforeseen injury or illness. However, insurance companies will sometimes reject legitimate claims and attempt to deny the benefits you are depending on.

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Our Indianapolis long-term disability insurance lawyers are prepared to fight for you when your claim is unfairly denied. At Pinyerd Disability Law, LLC, we have seen it all and have handled thousands of cases. We have a strong track record of securing favorable results and have won millions for our clients. Our team is deeply invested in the outcome of your case and will diligently pursue the benefits you are owed under your policy.

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How Long-Term Disability Insurance Works

Long-term disability insurance plans are designed to cover situations where a policyholder cannot work for many months or even years as the result of a qualifying injury or illness. This type of insurance policy may be a good choice for workers whose chosen occupation is especially hazardous. Policyholders will need to pay a monthly premium to maintain their coverage.

Short-term disability insurance is designed to cover temporary injuries and illnesses that policyholders will generally recover from. Examples of conditions that might be covered under a plan include an incapacitating illness, a broken limb, a debilitating surgery, or childbirth complications.

These policies do not cover conditions that someone can recover from quickly.

Short-term disability insurance plans can provide this type of coverage. Long-term disability insurance policies only tend to cover injuries and illnesses that require many months or even years of recovery time.

Examples of conditions that are frequently covered by long-term disability insurance plans include:

Spinal injuries

Broken bones or limbs


Vision loss

Muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis (MS), and other neurological disorders

Arthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Alzheimer’s disease, and other serious mental disorders

The amount you invest in your long-term disability insurance plan will generally determine the level of coverage. More expensive plans may cover up to 80% of your paycheck, while less expensive plans may only cover between 40% and 60%. Your plan will also specify the maximum benefit period. Pricier plans may cover ten years or more, while more affordable policies may only last one or two years.

Long-term disability insurance policies also come in two main varieties. “Own occupation” insurance policies cover your ability to perform your current job responsibilities. In other words, if an injury or illness prevents you from doing your current job for an extended period, you are likely eligible for benefits, even if you could theoretically do another type of job.

“Any occupation” insurance plans only trigger if a policyholder’s disability severity keeps them from working any type of job. Our Indianapolis long-term disability insurance lawyers can review your policy and walk you through what it covers.

When a long-term disability insurance claim is approved, policyholders will be subject to an “elimination period.” You will not receive benefits during this waiting period. The elimination periods for long-term disability policies tend to be longer than short-term plans, typically lasting for at least 90 days.

You will start receiving benefits following the elimination period under the terms of your policy. The benefit periods of long-term plans can last for years, decades, or even until retirement. However, you will no longer receive benefits if your condition improves, and you consequently become able to work an applicable job.

What to Do When Your Insurer Unfairly Denies Your Long-Term Disability Claim

Some insurance companies assume policyholders do not have the knowledge or resources to contest wrongfully denied claims. Insurers will consequently look for any reason to deny a request for benefits.

An insurer might attempt to deny a long-term disability claim due to:

Suspected Fraud.

Prospective policyholders must disclose all known medical conditions as well as the nature of their occupation and any other risky activities they regularly participate in. If an insurance company believes it has been misled at any point during the application or claims process, it will likely reject the claim on these grounds. However, in practice, some insurers will jump to fraud if they find any sort of innocuous inconsistency or even an irrelevant omission.

Insufficient Evidence.

In many instances, an insurer will reject a claim on the basis of inadequate evidence, even if you provide ample documentation of your condition and its consequences.

The Disability Not Qualifying for Coverage.

When submitting a claim, you must prove both the existence and the severity of the disability. This will include a professional medical opinion that confirms that you cannot work your current job or any job, depending on your policy type. An insurer’s in-house medical professionals may also evaluate evidence of your condition and decide you can in fact work. The insurer may therefore argue a disability does not qualify for coverage.

If your long-term disability claim has been wrongfully denied, you should immediately hire legal representation to advocate on your behalf. At Pinyerd Disability Law, LLC, our Indianapolis long-term disability insurance lawyers know how to effectively approach these matters and will explore all legal options for securing the benefits you need.

Get the compassionate and capable legal representation you deserve. Contact us online or call (317) 348-1800 to discuss your claim with us. 

Get the compassionate and capable legal representation you deserve. Contact us online or call (317) 348-1800 to discuss your claim with us. 

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