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Mental Health Conditions


A nexus letter is a letter from a qualified treating medical professional, usually a doctor, which states that a Veteran’s health condition is “at least as likely as” or “more likely than not” related to the Veteran’s military service and then offers rationale as to why the medical professional holds this opinion.

Over the last few years providing these letters to those VA employees who make decisions on Veterans’ disability claims has become much more difficult when it is in regards to a mental health condition.  VA policy now requires that nexus letters pertaining to mental health conditions be signed by either a licensed Psychiatrist or a PhD Psychologist.  Most Veterans obtain their mental health treatment at VA clinics which do not provide them with a Psychiatrist or a PhD Psychologist, which makes obtaining such letters very difficult.  These VA facilities usually have licensed counselors, therapists or nurses who specialize in psychiatric conditions treat these Veterans which has made it extremely difficult for the required nexus letter to be obtained.  As a result, we recommend Veterans make every effort to speak with a psychiatrist or PhD psychologist to get a supporting letter.