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Updated for 2023: How much can you make while on Social Security Disability? What is a “Trial Work Period?”

One question that is frequently asked when applying for Social Security Disability benefits is whether you are allowed to work while receiving Social Security Disability benefits or while applying for Social Security Disability.  For SSDI, you are allowed to work part-time, and SSA just increased the threshold allowed amount to $1470/m gross (also called “SGA”).  Keep in mind, it was less in 2022 and in previous years.  What this number means is that you can still receive SSDI, or apply for SSDI, while working part-time, so long as you are making less than SGA.  This is before taxes and deductions.  This is according to SSA’s new guidelines for 2023: 

So, to summarize, you are allowed to work and collect SSDI, but the income limit starting in 2023 is $1470/m (if statutorily blind, it is $2460/m).  This is for SSDI and does not apply to SSI.  

If you want to attempt to return to work while on SSDI, you can read about the Trial Work Period (TWP) here.