Documents Needed to File Bankruptcy

The following are some of the required items the court requires to file. At your initial consultation, I will highlight the needed docs on this list specifically for your case and let you know if anything else is needed that is not on this list. As a reminder, stop incurring any additional debt and do not transfer any property prior to filing without consulting with me. Again, the list below is for your reference. I will review what is specifically needed for your case when you call me at (800) 580-7432 or email

1. Last two years of tax returns (state and federal, along with W2’s and attachments)
2. Last six months proof of income (statements, paystubs, etc) for you and spouse up until the date I file your case. (spouse’s stubs required even if he/she not filing)
3. Take the pre-filing credit counseling course. You can go to:
4. Last 3 months of your bank statements for all your bank accounts up until the date and including the day I file your case
5. If doing a Chapter 13, fax # for your payroll department.
6. Attorneys fees need to be paid in full prior to filing if doing a Chapter 7, plus the filing fee.
7. Any additional creditors not already provided or not on provided credit report. Free credit report at
8. Payoff statements for all mortgages, financed vehicles and other secured creditors
9. If you are a homeowner: recorded deed, mortgage, valuation of your house
10. Lawsuit info for any and all lawsuits
11. If divorced within the last 3 years, copy of divorce decree
12. If you have a support obligation, I need actual court order with name, address, telephone# of DSO claim holder/recipient/custodial parent
13. If have whole life insurance, I need the most recent statement
14. Sign the petition in my office after collecting all of the above documents

After you review your personalized list with me during your consultation, and once you obtain the documents, you can fax the documents to: 888.503.7806 (include your name and record #).

Remember, each case is different and you may not need to provide everything on this list or may have an additional document not listed here. I will give you a specific list for your case at your consultation, this list is for information purposes only and not related to any specific case.