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Disability Lawyer in Evanston, IL

Navigating a Social Security disability claim alone can be overwhelming. The process is complex and time-consuming, often adding stress to the claimants’ lives. If you live in Evanston, IL, and are fighting a disability case, a Social Security lawyer can help you get your claim approved. 

Disability insurance matters a great deal for people who can no longer work due to a medical condition. America has laws and programs that support those individuals through financial aid. Still, most applicants that pursue this process without legal help get rejected. 

At Pinyerd Disability Law Firm, we have experience handling and winning even the most difficult cases. We would be honored to help you secure the compensation you rightfully deserve. 

What are The Types Of Social Security Disability Programs in Evanston?

The most current inquiry among disability law firm clients is about which program they should apply for. The U.S. government offers several programs to support disabled individuals, the most popular one being Social Security Disability Insurance.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Typically referred to as SSDI, Social Security Disability Insurance is a federal program from the Social Security Administration (SSA) that supports individuals with disabilities that prevent them from working. A person is entitled to social security insurance benefits as long as they have worked long enough to collect sufficient work credits through their taxes. 

Unlike other types of insurance, SSDI only covers individuals who are severely injured or have a condition that completely stops them from working for one year or longer.

While this benefit is available for any American citizen who meets the criteria, the process can be daunting; the usual waiting period is about 5 months if everything is in order. While you don’t need a professional Social Security disability lawyer in Evanston to file a claim, it is advised, as they can create a strong application to guarantee a positive and prompt result. 

Supplemental Social Income

Supplemental social income, or SSI, is another federally funded program for citizens with a physical or psychological disability. It’s the main difference with SSDI is that SSI is aimed at individuals with low incomes or scarce resources.

Typically, supplemental social Income claimants didn’t work enough to gather sufficient working credits, which means they are not eligible for SSDI. However, in some cases, some people qualify for both benefits. 

SSI has strict eligibility criteria. Applicants must have little or no income and be age 65 or older and/or have a disability that meets SSI’s stringent medical criteria. 

Veterans Disability Compensation

Men and women who fight for our country and, due to their services, suffer an illness or injury can receive support from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This is another government-sponsored program designed to pay a monthly tax-free income to people who served in the military. 

Veterans must meet some criteria, such as having served on active or training duty and bearing a service-connected disability. The VA determines how much money a veteran will get with disability ratings, which are based on the severity of the condition. A VA disability law firm will ensure you get fair compensation that matches the gravity of your disability. 

Advantages of Working with A Social Security Lawyer

The Social Security Administration rejects millions of claims per year; building a successful case can be challenging for individuals without legal training. Besides helping you assemble a stronger case, these are the advantages of working with a disability lawyer in Evanston:

  1. Gather the necessary information: Your disability attorney will collect medical evidence and testimonials to support your case. They will also help you create a strong applicant plan that stands more chances of getting approval.  
  2. Ensure your case is in order: A social security disability application is filled with complete forms and paperwork you must submit in time. Most times, a missing document is enough to get a denial. A Chicago disability attorney will make sure you have all the right documents and present a complete claim.
  3. Handle the appeal process: If your case gets denied, you can present an appeal for reconsideration. Disability law firms handle the appeal process in a professional manner, increasing your chances of getting your Social Security disability benefits. 
  4. Represent you on hearings: Some cases require a hearing with a judge. If your case reaches that instance, your lawyer will help you prepare and practice your testimony. They will also represent you that day in front of the administrative law judge. 

Schedule a Call with The Best Evanston Disability Lawyers

Need a compassionate and skillful disability lawyer in Evanston to help you with your claim? At Pinyerd Law, our dedicated attorneys have over 10 years of experience handling all types of disability cases, including SSDI, SSI, veterans compensation, and private insurance benefits. 

Together, we will build a solid case that secures the disability benefits you are entitled to. Schedule a free evaluation with our team to learn more about how we can help make this journey easier for you.