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Disability Attorney in Arlington Heights, IL

Are you going through an illness that prevents you from working? Or have you been in an accident that will stop you from walking for months? Then, you are likely eligible to receive disability benefits. Don’t know how to start the process? A disability attorney in Arlington Heights can help.

Filing a disability case is lengthy and complex, and many cases get rejected. That can add to the stress a person facing a work injury or disability condition already bears. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to walk this path alone. Social Security disability lawyers have the skills and knowledge to navigate the ins and outs of disability insurance and lead a case to success.

Common Causes of Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the government institution responsible for retirement, disability insurance, and military survivor benefits. To obtain the benefits you rightfully deserve, you must file a case, which the SSA will review and determine whether and what type of compensation you will receive.

Do you wonder if you are eligible for worker’s’ compensation or Social Security disability benefits? Our disability attorneys in Chicago can assess your case and tell you if you qualify for disability insurance on a free consultation.

But for you to get a clearer idea now, these are some conditions that automatically make you eligible for disability financial assistance: 

Muscle, Back, and Joint Disorders

 These are among the most common claims compensation attorneys handle every day. Back, neck, joint, or other types of muscular or body pain that prevents a person from working are impairments listed in the SSA blue book; therefore, they are considered disabilities. 

Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis leads to a large amount of stress and anxiety. Cancer treatments often debilitate the patient, making it impossible for them to work. Due to those reasons, anyone with a cancer diagnosis is eligible to receive social security aid during their treatment and recovery. 

Psychiatric Disorders

Mental and mood-related disorders are also considered issues that deserve social security aid. These conditions are today the second most common disability assistance claims made.

Conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety all qualify. Post-traumatic stress disorder also entitles you to compensation. For psychological military service-related conditions, you must seek a professional veterans disability law firm

Heart and Circulatory System-Related Conditions

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in America, making claimants with these conditions a top priority for receiving disability insurance. Some work settings can be highly stressful, worsening heart conditions. That leads many employees with disorders such as heart attack or coronary artery disease to work with a disability attorney in Arlington Heights and get the assistance they deserve to take care of their health. 

Benefits of Hiring a Disability Attorney in Arlington Heights

Despite disability and workers’ compensation laws, getting social security insurance approval is still challenging. Sometimes, a missing document or not presenting disability proof correctly can immediately disqualify your claim. 

Working with a seasoned law firm increases your chances of obtaining the temporary or lifetime disability benefits you deserve.

Higher Chances of Winning Your Case

A professional disability attorney in Arlington Heights knows how the disability insurance claim process works. An experienced law firm has handled thousands of cases. They can help you prepare a solid case with a better chance of success and get you the financial assistance you are entitled to. 

Less Paperwork and Bureaucratic Steps: Save Time and Gain Piece of Mind 

Dealing with a disability, illness, or injury is stressful enough. Unfortunately, obtaining workers’ compensation insurance can be more challenging than it initially seems. You will have to fill out complex paperwork and submit evidence of your disability, and even when everything is in order, the process may take up to five months. Imagine if you forgot some document or handled the wrong information; receiving your benefits can take months longer.

Our disability law attorneys in Arlington Heights can handle all the bureaucratic steps for you, taking that extra stress out of your life. 

Legally Represent You On a Hearing

Some cases require a hearing in front of a Judge who will evaluate the claimant’s testimony and evidence to make a decision. Many individuals are nervous about attending a Social Security insurance hearing. 

A disability compensation attorney will prepare you to speak at your hearing and walk you through each step so you know what to expect. Your lawyer will also be with you at the Social Security insurance hearing, advocating for you and providing legal advice. 

Got Rejected? An Attorney Can Claim an Appeal and Secure The Benefits

An overwhelming number of disability cases are rejected. When that happens, it doesn’t mean the fight is over; the next step is to file an appeal. Claimants usually have about 30 days to request that the Social Security Administration reconsider their case. 

Appeals are delicate processes as they often represent the last chance for an individual to obtain their benefits. But don’t panic; as mentioned, many claims get declined in the first place. A disability or personal injury lawyer can help you get the extra evidence you need and timely present a strong appeal that secures your benefits. 

What Questions Should You Ask a Disability Lawyer?

You probably have a long list of questions for your lawyer, from their experience to their fees and if they offer a free consultation. These are four questions you should remember to ask an attorney before hiring their services:

How Much Experience Does Your Firm Has With SSA Claims?

This is a critical question to ask when considering a law firm. You want a skilled attorney who specializes in disability insurance and benefits. That will guarantee they understand how SSa claims work and know the best way to handle them.

Do You Have Experience With My Disability Condition?

Some medical conditions are common among SSA claims, while rare ones are less common. You must ensure your lawyer understands the particular details of your disability when building your case. You can ask if they have had a similar case before. You may also request previews of clients’ testimonials and reviews. 

Do You Handle Disability Insurance Appeals?

Many disability cases get denied, and the claimant must request an appeal. Working with a law firm that handles appeals is the most reliable path forward.

Is There Something I Can Do To Help My Claim?

Regardless of which disability attorney you hire, they will need your cooperation to win the case. Ask them what you can do to enhance your case; that could be asking for a letter from a witness or getting regular medical check-ups. 

Arlington Heights Social Security Disability Lawyers

Are you looking for a disability attorney firm in Arlington Heights? Our team has over ten years of experience in the field; we understand how the workers’ compensation system works and what it takes to win a case.

Our attorneys are ready to handle any case and ensure you get compensation that fairly matches your disability. Do you have any questions regarding our services? We encourage you to schedule a free consultation with us so we can personally answer them.