Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most common and quickest way to get a fresh start and can allow you to still keep your car, house, and retirement pension. There is an income limitation for filing Chapter 7. Even if your are over the median, it may still be possible to qualify. A means test is ran to determine eligibility.

Recently, I have counseled many clients who could not keep up with their higher credit card payments as a result of late fees and increased interest rates. Others had the floor pulled out from underneath them with unemployment or loss of overtime at work.

Contact me today to go over the Chapter 7 liquidation option and give you a free quote over the phone. As mentioned, with Chapter 7, it is still possible to keep your house, car and retirement. Call me at (800) 580-7432 to see if you qualify. Some attorneys will charge you for the initial consultation. I offer a free initial consultation with no obligation and can give you a confidential, comprehensive analysis so you can make an informed decision.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges your eligible debt and allows for a fresh financial start. Be careful researching bankruptcy online. Your creditors have attorneys working for them. It is important to at least be informed. Contact me today for a free initial consultation.