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When you contact my office I will personally be handling your case. Unlike some of the larger firms or national companies where you mostly work with a “case manager,” with us you work directly with me. I have won millions for our clients over more than 10 years. We believe we are more successful because we pay close attention to each case and I personally handle the cases. You can contact us now for a free, confidential, no obligation case review by calling 317-348-1800.

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Questions Attorney David Pinyerd Other places you may see online
When you call for a free consultation, will you be able to speak with an attorney or just a case manager?
Has your attorney taught continuing legal education to other attorneys?
Has your attorney won millions for his or her clients?
When you have a question for your attorney, do you only get to speak with a paralegal, or do you get to speak with your attorney when requested?
Will you speak with you attorney multiple times before you have a hearing or appeal?

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Client Testimonials

"Attorney Pinyerd helped me finally get VA Disability benefits after my family and I have been trying for years."

"Thank you for helping me get the benefits I’ve been trying to get for years. It has been a relief and I greatly appreciate your time."

"Attorney Pinyerd was always in constant communication with us and even gave us his personal cell phone # to call or text with any questions. It made this difficult journey finally come to a positive resolution for our family."

"David is a true professional and treats his clients with dignity and respect. Finally, someone who will listen intently and carefully to his clients."

"When I have clients who are Veterans and need retirement or disability benefits, I do not hesitate to send my clients to Attorney Pinyerd. He is knowledgeable, hard working and a results-oriented attorney."

"I have know David Pinyerd for 10 years, and he is a knowledgeable caring attorney. He will go above and beyond to help his clients. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great attorney."

"David is a great attorney with many years of experience. Anytime I have a question about disability law or bankruptcy law I turn to him."

"Mr Pinyerd is great. He seems very compassionate and makes you feel like family."

"Great attorney!!!"

7 tips to win your Social Security Disability case:

Be as thorough as possible with your initial application. List all of your doctors, medications, medical conditions, and background. Sometimes you may or may not realize that all of your conditions combine to make you unable to work, in the eyes of Social Security.

Immediately appeal if your case is denied. Statistics show a majority of cases are initially denied. This does not mean you will not eventually win your case. We find a majority of successful cases need to be appealed twice in order to have a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, to be successful. If you do not appeal, and just re-apply, you are possibly losing out on some back pay. You can ask for an Attorneys help during any part of the process.

Immediately send back any requests from SSA. Sometimes SSA will send you a request to sign Form 827, medical release. It is important to complete this form because it means they are working on your case and attempting to obtain additional medical records, which may help you win your case with this additional evidence.

If you have a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, be sure to thoroughly review your entire file with your Attorney. Most of the time the files are over 1000 pages, and many pages are procedural, but it is possible for there to be hundreds or thousands of pages of medical records. Also, you should review your work history with your Attorney. I have heard of people trying to do their case on their own or not being ready. I truly believe you have a better shot at winning your case if you are thoroughly prepared. Even though generally the medical evidence dictates whether a case is successful or not, we are all human and it’s important to cross T’s and dot I’s in preparation for more reasons than one.

List all your medications and all your doctors. The reason for this is simple. You may have a doctor who is willing to help more than another doctor with a supporting letter.

Be sure to tell your Attorney all the times you worked or attempted to work in the last 15 years. This is important because sometimes it may not show up on the Earnings Inquiry by SSA or it could show up and be incorrect. This could determine you winning or losing – depending on a specific job, or specific job description you may have had. It is very important.

Be careful about internet rumors or sites without valid sources. Call or speak to your local Social Security Disability lawyer.

7 myths about VA Disability

You must have served overseas or in combat – this is not true

Getting VA disability benefits will take it away from someone else (this couldn’t be further from the truth)

VA disability offsets Social Security Disability or Retirement – this is not true.

My VA Disability will affect employment in the future.

You must appear in front of a Judge. This is not true. It is possible to apply and appeal your VA Disability claim and never set foot in a Courtroom or in front of a Judge.

I shouldn’t pursue all conditions at once. This is a complete myth and for some reason non-Attorneys have been telling Veterans to only apply for some conditions now and others later. You should apply for each and every condition.

If I’m not diagnosed with PTSD, I shouldn’t apply now. This is not true! If you feel as though you have PTSD related to service, you can apply now and begin seeking treatment after you apply. It’s not too late to do either. Don’t give up! We are here to help!

7 tips for appeals under the new Modernization Act:

You should gather all the available evidence, including nexus letters from your doctors, as soon as possible. You should also seek the advice of an attorney who knows the new rules and regulations of the Modernization Act.

Once you are denied the first time, the new rules say the VA no longer has a duty to assist. You should not delay in getting advice from an attorney immediately if you have been denied.

Do not think that just because you have been denied that you should not appeal. Most initial applications are denied, even cases where there is presumption of service-connection. The VA also makes mistakes. You are not taking away benefits from another Veteran if you do not appeal. To the contrary, it is always possible Congress may restrict the budget for VA Disability and change the criteria in the future; if it is found fewer Veterans are applying and appealing VA benefit applications.

Know and understand all of your options for appeal at each stage. It is not true that there is one appeal lane everyone should take.

Keep in mind the VA can reduce your rating percentage in certain circumstances so be sure to have a qualified attorney review your appeal.

Do not delay in filing your appeal for any reason. There are often additional pieces of evidence required and legal arguments that need to be made, so it is important to not delay in obtaining all available evidence and then filing your appeal.

Always follow-up with the VA if you have not received confirmation from the VA on receipt of your appeal within 30 days.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How much does a Social Security Disability Lawyer cost?

For our office, there is no charge unless we win your case. We charge a contingency fee agreement. That means that if we win your case, we ask for a percentage of the back that owed to you. For our firm we ask 25% of the back, but no more than $6,000. This means if you are owed $24,000 in back pay, our fee is $6k. And if you are owed more than $24k in back pay (for example, $30k or $40k) our fee is still capped at $6k. If your back pay is a smaller number, for example $10k, our fee is $2500. So it’s 25% or $6,000, whichever is smaller. We do not charge you for retrieval of medical records or any other administrative fees. It’s important to ask your attorney to clarify that particular cost. If you choose our firm and we decide to represent you, we will go over the fee agreement with you prior to representation.

How much back pay can I receive?

You can receive back pay for a SSA Disability case back to the date of your onset date, with a max of 12 months before you filed your claim. (Note: this does not mean you should put your onset date as 12 months prior to your application. Your onset date is the date you believe you became disabled and a Social Security Disability Attorney should be consulted with you to understand that for your particular case). For SSI (Supplemental Security Income), the back pay goes back to the date of application. Often times you can apply for both, full SSA Disability (Or SSDI, Title II), and SSI (Or Supplemental Security Insurance, Title XVI).

For hearings outside of Indianapolis, check your Notice of Hearing notification from the Social Security Administration to be sure of the location and date/time of your hearing. If you have a Social Security Disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge in Indianapolis, where do I have my hearing?

For Indianapolis, the address is:
Market Square Center, Suite 400
151 North Delaware Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2510

Meet The Team

David Pinyerd

Managing Attorney/Owner

I have personally represented thousands of clients pursuing disability over more than 12 years.  Unlike most other firms, we are willing to take cases at the initial stage, and we are willing to continue fighting all the way up to the Federal Courts.  We take it personally when we fight for our clients and believe our work ethic and dedication separate us from the other firms.  I went to Indiana University for undergrad and law school.  While we do not take every case, we offer free, no obligation, confidential consultations to give you a free case review.  Since Social Security Disability and Veterans Disability are federal programs, we are able to take cases from every state.  You deserve the best representation!  Call my office today at 317-348-1800 for a free case review!


Office:  Indiana: 317-348-1800, Ohio: 216-586-5900

Cell: 317-590-7794

Exton Cordingley

VA Accredited Attorney

Exton R. Cordingley is an attorney from the State of Indiana was a Judge Advocate in the United States Army from 2009 to 2018, obtianing the Rank of Captain.  Mr. Cordingley spent three years on active duty during which time he represented Soldiers before the Army’s Medical Evaluation Board (MEB), the Army’s Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) and represented Soldiers on rating appeals to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs who were going to through the integrated disability system. Mr. Cordingley worked as an Attorney Advisor at the Board of Veterans Appeals in Washington, DC.  Mr. Cordingley graduated with a B.S. from Indiana University (Bloomington) in 2005 and received his J.D. from Indiana University School of Law–Indianapolis in 2008 and has been a practicing attorney since October 2008. During his time in the Army, Mr. Cordingley was awarded the Army Commendation Medal and Army Reserve Overseas Training Ribbon among other awards.


Direct: 317-324-4482

Hannah Martin

Office Manager

Hannah Martin lives in Lebanon with her fiancé and their two Boston Terriers, Jeb & Levi.  Hannah spent 6 years enlisted, joining the Army straight out of high school.  In the service, she worked as a 35 Foxtrot, Intel Analyst.  She received her Associates of Science in Paralegal Studies from Ivy Tech in 2012.  Hannah works as Paralegal and Office Manager at Pinyerd Law, where she derives pleasure and purpose from helping people.


Indiana:  (317) 520-3602

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